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Refract is a coaching platform, that can be used to deliver coaching and feedback from calls, demos, meetings and emails. Key teachable moments can be tagged with comments to skip between in reflection, share moments with peers, build a best practice library and collaborate with group chat.

Clients use across sales and/or customer service teams predominantly.

Of course. We offer both a free trial or a guided demo of our product with one of our team, whichever suits you best.

 For a free 7 day trial, click here 

 Click here to get in touch regarding scheduling a demo.

Our product has been designed to be very easy to use and intuitive. In addition to built in help and support, your assigned Customer Success Manager is on hand to help out in anyway we can.

Yes. As our technology is Cloud-based, we continue to add features and functionality that are automatically available to users. This is included in the subscription prices. You’ll be surprised at the pace the product iterates.

We add new functionality most weeks - although that’s not (quite) a promise.

Our roadmap is driven by clients - we use Receptive.io to collect and plan based on clients  feedback and prioritization.

Refract is a cloud based platform, meaning all you need to get started with us is access to the Internet via a web browser from any PC, tablet or mobile. 

Refract is available as a dedicated iPad app too and coming shortly as an Android app.


Technical Security

The security and privacy of your data are integral to our business. We store your data in an encrypted database using Microsoft Cloud.

No. All of your data is your own property and securely stored and sandboxed. Your account is restricted only for those with access to it and sub-accounts and groups can further restrict access to content for you users as you wish.

Our product has been designed to allow you to record and upload calls, demos or meetings whenever you like. Simply upload any video/audio file and then tags, comments and optional scoring can be added to the timeline.

This can be done through any of the web conferencing tools - Webex, Join.Me, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect and so on.

Additionally, the Refract apps allows you to record and upload within the app itself, using your host number (landline or cell) and adding a dialled to number to call you and then your destination, recording and uploading the call. You can confirm you wish that call to be available in Refract for coaching and it will automatically be uploaded.

We also have an API for integrations with 3rd party tools.


We don’t restrict you on the size of video you can upload. However it is wise to consider the upload time of any video especially if you have limited Internet access.

There are no limits to the number of users who can be active on your Refract account. The number of videos you can upload monthly or annually and/or the number of live campaigns you have depending on the subscription level you have purchased.

A Campaign is a folder for holding recorded coaching sessions, to keep those for each purpose (i.e outbound calls, demos etc) separately.

Optionally campaigns allow you to stipulate any data you wish to be collected before and after a video (e.g. office, role, coach etc), and pre-set tags available that can be used.

This ensures all users using Refract for the same purpose are using the same tags and data, and this can be used for comparison between individuals, groups or campaigns.

It also makes it really easy and quick for users, who don’t need to worry about what data to collect or creating customized tags.

Any user given Administrator privileges can create campaigns.

Absolutely! In fact-this is one of the key benefits of using Refract. Our platform allows you to create your own personalized tags relevant to your organization, employees, or role. These can be created and named as you go (‘Quick Tag’) or pre-set in a campaign to select with a click.

Tagging a video has been designed to be extremely easy. Simply select a pre-set tag or ‘Quick Tag’ at the relevant ‘moment’ of the video, and this will apply that tag to the timeline. ‘Quick Tags’ can be given an editable name as you go. Comments (text or audio can be added to the moment) and it can be shared with others, created as a group chat or added to your ‘Best Practice Library’ as required.

Users can then snap between tagged ‘coachable’ moments on the timeline whilst providing feedback or carrying out evaluation.

Yes. This feature is available for users, which have our Enterprise and Enterprise Plus subscription packages. It is particularly valuable to large organizations who wish to manage separate teams, training companies or resellers.

This allows you to have separate accounts whilst benefiting from a single cost effective subscription and view of data for authorised personnel.

These subscription packages also provide you with advanced features.

Payment & Cancellations

Please see our pricing page for more information on our flexible subscription packages. Our subscriptions are completely inclusive of product enhancements, hosting and support.

Subscriptions can be paid by invoice, standing order or all major credit and debit cards.

As a monthly subscriber, you can cancel at anytime. Our annual subscriptions provide a significant discount, subscribing for an annual period.

Yes, during your subscription period, you can change between subscription licences to make sure you have the right features and usage allowances. For monthly users, your ongoing subscription will update accordingly. For annual subscribers we will pro rata any additional licence fees or credit appropriately.

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