A Time For Giving…….Email Outreach Coaching

This week may be a quieter week for many sales professionals, but it has also been a pertinent time to engage those for whom this week is business critical.


We have reviewed some of the cold introductory emails sent to those whose pain has been most acute this week, with personalized outreach to Santa, the Wise Men (or at least one of them) and Joseph.

We have tried to provide our fellow SDR Chris (Chris Mass of course) with some coaching and feedback from some of his most recent outreach.

Very much tongue in cheek of course, here are some of the emails we have reviewed and provided feedback.


Email 1 - Santa’s logistic challenges



"Not a bad effort Chris, we have highlighted a few pertinent points in our feedback to ensure Santa puts this at the top of his sack, er inbox! Some top tips and feedback here..."


Email 2 - Custom gifts for Wise Men


"It’s not the worst we have seen and whilst nice touches, there are certainly way to improve this further and increase the chances of a response.

Here is our feedback..." https://app.refract.tv/Public/Link/70e5646c-d1bc-41d2-b9bb-f1d2de76ef19?ts=&d=

Email 3 - Desperately seeking accommodation




"One of his better efforts? We’ve tagged a few of the key points of praise and ideas from this example…."


Whilst all lighthearted, the subject of poor outreach emails is certainly serious. We recently described this as ‘An Industry Plague’ 


and went further in this podcast with renowned prospecting expert Mark Hunter recently


Of course email outreach is just part of the portfolio for SDR’s and AE’s. Refract helps managers and coaches identify the most frequent mistakes and missed opportunities made in emails, calls, demos and scenario challenges.


We’d love to give you the gift of a free demo of Refract, to help ensure 2017 is a truly happy new year for your team ;-) 


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